3 Sessions: Includes 1 area of choice wrap for all 3 sessions

What Happens:

First we apply our natural contouring cream to stimulate circulation to cellulite prone areas as well as the lymphatic flow along with removing trapped waste and impurities in your connective tissues. Then you'd be wrapped in our slimming wrap that helps push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating toxins back into the bloodstream to be filtered out through the liver and kidneys, demonstrating inch loss in ONE treatment. Then you will be placed in our Infrared Sauna Blanket to burn more calories, open pores and stimulate circulation. 

We recommend at 5-8 Infrared Sauna Blanket Sessions and 6-12 Wrap Sessions for maximum potential detoxification and inch loss. 

Clients typically experience loss up to 4-30 inches and burn up to 400-600 calories in just ONE hour!! 

We also recommend that you bring a change of underclothes, after treatment, you will be soaking wet from the Sauna Session. Also, drink plenty of water before and after treatment. 

These sessions can be done within 4-6 days apart.