Full Body Wrap

What Is A Full Body Wrap?

This full body wrap is perfect for inch loss over the whole body. Have an event coming up and you're trying to get in that snug fitting dress? We have a solution! Lose inches in just 1 hour!! 

What Happens? 

We'll first apply our natural contouring cream to stimulate circulation to cellulite prone areas as well as the lymphatic flow along with removing trapped waste and impurities in your connective tissues. Then you'd be wrapped in our slimming wrap that helps push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating toxins back into the bloodstream to be filtered out through the liver and kidneys, demonstrating inch loss in ONE treatment. 

We recommend 6-12 wrap sessions for maximum potential inch loss. Clients typically experience loss up to 4-30 inches in just ONE hour!!

Full body Wrap  1 Hour and 5 Minutes - $60.00

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