Non-Invasive Butt Lift beauty and spa

Transform Yourself

Now you can eliminate a sagging behind, adding shape and volume and get fantastic results without any risk or the cost of surgery. The non-invasive Butt Lift: the most effective way to enhance your rear appeal, sculpt the curves of your derrière and erase cellulite using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring.

Traditional buttock augmentation involves surgical redistribution of fatty tissue to create an aesthetically pleasing shape to a flat behind, an expensive procedure that carries a multitude of risks and a very long recovery period.

Our Brazilian butt lift can give you the look you’ve dreamed of,  with permanent results.

This pioneering new technology has several effects: reducing loose skin, treating cellulite while simultaneously lifting and shaping the buttocks for the butt you have always wanted.

What is Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy (non-Surgical Butt-Lift)

Vacuum-Therapy stimulates muscles, breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminates toxins, improves lymphatic drainage and can melt inches off. Vacuum therapy also helps restore the skin's natural elasticity to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and "orange-peel" dimpling in the thighs and buttocks. 

Our suction cups, simultaneously placed on the buttocks for 30 to 40 minutes, can correct and tone the gluteal muscles. The pulse frequency pressure is adjusted according to patient comfort and the discretion of the therapist (this depends on the tone of the buttock).

The cups are transparent which allows us to visualize the effect of suction, monitor treatment, and ensure quality. The procedure is painless and should not cause any traumatic impact on the skin.

Treatment can be done twice a week. 

Raises, Enlarges And Reaffirms The Gluteus Without Surgeries

Increases The Skin Flexibility

Releases The Venous And Lymphatic Flow

Exfoliates The Epidermis Making Skin Softer

Stimulates Dermis And Hypodermis

Decreases Muscle Tension

Disclaimer: These results may or may not be typical and your results may vary.


–Lifts your buttocks by up to 70%

– Instant results

–No surgery

–No pain

–No down time

– Enhanced body tone and shape

– No anesthetic

– No side effects

– Improves blood circulation

– Excellent for cellulite

– Tightens & Tones Skin

Disclaimer: These results may or may not be typical and your results may vary.